CHS Booster Groups

Current CHS Booster Groups

The primary function of the CHS PFA is to support all 

Class Committees and Booster Groups 

at Claremont High School

 If your group has questions regarding Claremont Parent Faculty Association rules and regulations, we encourage you to first consult the CPFA Handbook.

Should you have further questions, need clarification on an issue 

or require other assistance, please contact:


Susan Kent 

CHS PFA President

Per CPFA rules and regulations, groups are unauthorized to fundraise until all required paperwork is submitted. 

Without the required paperwork,

For a list of the forms required, please visit the Claremont Parent Faculty Association website at

The groups noted above have submitted the required paperwork and are authorized to fundraise as members of the CHS PFA Boosters for the 2023-2024 school year. If your group is not on the list, please reach out to us to find which forms are missing.

 Facilities Use Form

Click above to reserve a room for your next booster meeting

CHS Specific Guidelines

Make sure you know the rules and guidelines before you plan your next fundrasier

Coaching Agreement

Is your Booster Group funding additional coaches? You'll need this form to pay them.