Coaching Agreement

  • PFA/Booster/Class Committee groups can support CUSD by donating Coach/Advisor/Staff stipend costs to CUSD. Sometimes Booster Groups work with the head coach to fund additional coaching hours that are above and beyond what the district can provide.

  • ALL Coaches need to be board approved and ARE NOT hired by the Boosters. All donated stipends to Coaches/Advisors/Staff must be made through the District Office. CUSD, through its payroll system, prepares appropriate payment warrants to these employees of CUSD.

  • PFA/Booster/Class Committee groups should not directly provide payment to Coaches/Advisors/Staff.

  • Booster Groups can download the form and turn the form and payment to the Head Coach or Athletic Director, Mike Collins:

  • For FULL information, rules and guidelines in the CPFA Handbook Under "Payments to Coaches/Advisors/Staff" page 14