Reserving A Meeting Room

If you are holding your booster meeting or another event on campus, you must reserve your meeting room prior to your meeting date. To do this, click the button below and fill out the Facilities Use Request Application. Please fill out as much of the form as you can (disregard any fields that are not necessary for your situation) and return the form to (please cc both):

Debbie Reynoso and
Andrea Deligio

Please note:
Here are the most popular meeting rooms.
You can request these rooms by filling in the "Other" line for "Facility Desired"

  • 800 Quad Conference Room - approx 20 people or less

  • Staff Lounge - approx 50 people

  • Room 105 - approx 100 people

  • MPR - approx 125

Email Andrea or Debbie if you have any further questions regarding the space.
Thank you!