Claremont High School
Parent Faculty Association


The Claremont High School Parent Faculty Association serves an important role in building community at CHS. By working together, parents, faculty and staff can ensure a successful and cohesive environment in which our students can flourish. 

We are grateful for your participation at CHS and ask for your support by becoming a PFA member. Your donation will cover operating expenses such as insurance and tax filing which allows all of our various booster groups to exist under one Tax ID number. Please click on the “Rev Trak” link below to sign up today.


Claremont High School PFA oversees and directs all Booster Groups and Class Committees at Claremont High School.

All subsidiary and affiliate groups are under the direction of our parent organization, the Claremont Parent Faculty Association.

Support CHS PFA by becoming a PFA Member! 

Becoming a PFA member is a great way to show support for PFA's mission. Membership DOES NOT require you to attend meetings or join committees (but we'd love to have you if you are interested!) but your donation will allow us to continue operations and provide a necessary support system for all PFA groups at CHS. 

Simply sign up through RevTrak and click "PFA Membership". Your $12.00 donation helps to cover our expenses and to grow! 

The mission of the Claremont High School Parent-Faculty Association is


1. To promote the well-being of school aged children in the school, home, and community through communication between Claremont High School and the student’s home.


2. To establish and encourage activities and projects to raise funds by soliciting, collecting, managing and dispersing funds.


3. To provide support and guidance to booster groups and class committees engaged in fund raising activities for the benefit of the students of Claremont High School.